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Help, My Pool Heater Doesn’t Work!

Before you call a pool service technician, you may want to try these troubleshooting steps first. Often the fix can be very quick and very simple.

Raypak Residential Pool Heater

Raypak Residential Pool Heater

  1. Check to see if your filter is clean. Dirty pool filters can cause a reduction in the flow of water much like a dirty air conditioner filter can cause a reduction in the flow of air. As a safety precaution, your pool heater will automatically shut off if there is not enough flow of water. Backwash your sand filter, or if you have a cartridge filter, clean the cartridges. If you have a DE filter, clean the grids.
  2. Make sure the heater switch is on. At the on-off switch where the heater's control panel is located, check to make sure it's turned on. If it's on, check your timer and breaker as well.
  3. Test your heater's temperature thermostat setting. The heater will not heat the water if the temperature setting is too low. Set the temperature control at least midway to see if it will begin heating.
  4. Check the water flow's direction. If your heater has a bypass system allowing the flow of water to bypass the heater, make sure the valves are turned to the proper direction, so the water can flow through the heater.
  5. Inspect the pilot. Review the owner's manual beforehand. Many newer model pool heaters have electronic ignitions instead of a pilot. If you need to light a pilot, follow the instructions in your owner's manual, or the instructions located on the door panel of the heater.
  6. Still having trouble? Give us a call at 901-795-8950, and let one of our pool service professionals get you up and running again.
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