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Not All Pool Cleaners Are Created Equal!

After being in the pool industry for nearly 20 years I’m sympathetic to a customer’s confusion when trying to select an automatic cleaner for their pool.sodas

I’m a Yankee who moved to the sunny south almost 20 years ago and I have yet to adapt to some of the slang y’all use down here. Most notable is the use of the word Coke. Where I’m from, asking someone to get you a coke means that you want an actual Coca Cola. Down here, it seems as if Coke refers to any number of carbonated soft drinks as opposed to a specific brand. There’s a common name that most people outside of the pool industry use to refer to their pool cleaner…”Polaris” What some people don’t realize, Polaris, much like Coke, is the name brand and not a general term for a cleaner. Furthermore, Polaris makes several different cleaner models and each one has characteristics specific to certain types of pool shapes, sizes, internal finishes, equipment and environmental conditions. Additionally there are many manufacturers, other than Polaris, that make pool cleaners. These cleaners also have characteristics and are designed for specific purposes in different pool environments.

With a multitude of options available, how do you make the best choice for your pool? Memphis Pool had that very dilemma in mind when we came up with our new Automatic Cleaner Comparison Chart. Our new handy dandy chart, along with assistance from any of our retail associates, will make it easy for you to select the best cleaner for you and your pool.

Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaners

When you come see us to select your new cleaner, please be prepared to answer a few questions: Have you had a cleaner in the past? Do you have a booster pump? What are the dimensions of your pool? What type of pool structure and finish do you have? How much foliage is in your backyard? Would you like to minimize your energy consumption? Visiting one of our stores with the answers to these questions will help us determine which automatic cleaner is right for you. After you select your new cleaner, we’ll suggest any tips or tricks for easy installation.

Not all cleaners are created equal. Some cleaners need to be fully submersed before turning on. Some cleaners require proper length for the feed hose. Some cleaners don’t even have a feed hose, you get the picture. There are installation instructions specific to your cleaner model, along with our helpful hints, that will guarantee a successful installation and cleaning experience.

Once we’ve helped you identify the best cleaner for you, there is one final question that needs to be answered….what will you name your new cleaner? Every year I encounter customers that have dreamed up creative names for their cleaners. Polly the Polaris is probably the most common name. I also know someone that named his cleaner after his ex-wife, not because he secretly still adores her, but because the cleaner stays at the bottom of the pool! Yet another customer named her cleaner after her lawyer because it sucks up everything, like the lawyer did to her wallet (no offense if you’re a lawyer. I’m just the messenger). At the end of the day, our goal is to assure the experience with your automatic cleaner is so enjoyable, your only concern is what to name it! By the way, if you do have a creative name for your cleaner, let us know. We are always looking for funny names to share with other customers.

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