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Not All Pool Cleaners Are Created Equal!

After being in the pool industry for nearly 20 years I’m sympathetic to a customer’s confusion when trying to select an automatic cleaner for their pool.sodas

I’m a Yankee who moved to the sunny south almost 20 years ago and I have yet to adapt to some of the slang y’all use down here. Most notable is the use of the word Coke. Where I’m from, asking someone to get you a coke means that you want an actual Coca Cola. Down here, it seems as if Coke refers to any number of carbonated soft drinks as opposed to a specific brand. There’s a common name that most people outside of the pool industry use to refer to their pool cleaner…”Polaris” What some people don’t realize, Polaris, much like Coke, is the name brand and not a general term for a cleaner. Furthermore, Polaris makes several different cleaner models and each one has characteristics specific to certain types of pool shapes, sizes, internal finishes, equipment and environmental conditions. Additionally there are many manufacturers, other than Polaris, that make pool cleaners. These cleaners also have characteristics and are designed for specific purposes in different pool environments.

With a multitude of options available, how do you make the best choice for your pool? Memphis Pool had that very dilemma in mind when we came up with our new Automatic Cleaner Comparison Chart. Our new handy dandy chart, along with assistance from any of our retail associates, will make it easy for you to select the best cleaner for you and your pool.

Polaris Automatic Pool Cleaners

When you come see us to select your new cleaner, please be prepared to answer a few questions: Have you had a cleaner in the past? Do you have a booster pump? What are the dimensions of your pool? What type of pool structure and finish do you have? How much foliage is in your backyard? Would you like to minimize your energy consumption? Visiting one of our stores with the answers to these questions will help us determine which automatic cleaner is right for you. After you select your new cleaner, we’ll suggest any tips or tricks for easy installation.

Not all cleaners are created equal. Some cleaners need to be fully submersed before turning on. Some cleaners require proper length for the feed hose. Some cleaners don’t even have a feed hose, you get the picture. There are installation instructions specific to your cleaner model, along with our helpful hints, that will guarantee a successful installation and cleaning experience.

Once we’ve helped you identify the best cleaner for you, there is one final question that needs to be answered….what will you name your new cleaner? Every year I encounter customers that have dreamed up creative names for their cleaners. Polly the Polaris is probably the most common name. I also know someone that named his cleaner after his ex-wife, not because he secretly still adores her, but because the cleaner stays at the bottom of the pool! Yet another customer named her cleaner after her lawyer because it sucks up everything, like the lawyer did to her wallet (no offense if you’re a lawyer. I’m just the messenger). At the end of the day, our goal is to assure the experience with your automatic cleaner is so enjoyable, your only concern is what to name it! By the way, if you do have a creative name for your cleaner, let us know. We are always looking for funny names to share with other customers.

As The Swimming Pool Season Approaches, Shop Locally & Save!

This past weekend, we had temperatures in the upper 50’s and not a cloud in the sky! This incredible weather, coupled with the end of February, signals the official kick off to the swimming pool season in Memphis. Now is the time to start thinking about removing those dreadful winter covers and getting the pool fired up! At Memphis Pool, we’re ready to do our part. For the month of March, we are offering our customers the chance to stock up on pool supplies. We want to reward you for choosing Memphis Pool! We are offering a promotion with our own Pool Baron brand of swimming pool supplies.

Little girl waiting to swim.

Little girl waiting to swim.

For the entire month of March, for each chemical purchase that totals at least $150, we’re giving away 1 FREE bottle of any Pool Baron Specialty Product. Each chemical purchase that totals at least $250 will get you 2 FREE bottles of any of the Pool Baron Specialty Products ….and any chemical purchase that totals at least $350 will get you 3 FREE bottles of any of the Pool Baron Specialty Products!

The Value Of Shopping Locally

Many of you may have noticed that #ShopLocal campaigns are popping up all over the country. Undoubtedly, the encroachment of mass retailers and online discount sites have taken its toll on local businesses in the last 10 years. Memphis Pool has felt the effects with our customers and we get it. Even I have an Amazon Prime account. What I have noticed, however, is that there is value in doing business locally. Not only does shopping local keep tax revenue in our communities and help prop up local business owners, but it reinforces a sense of community that we’ve been missing in recent years.

Example – I used to go to Lowes to buy my family’s Christmas tree, and about 5 years ago, I found myself wandering their lot not satisfied with the customer service I was receiving. So, I packed my family back up in the truck, and we sought out a local vendor. What I stumbled upon was a place, so unique, that I have returned there the last 5 Christmas’s to purchase our family tree. From the outside looking in, Country Gardens seemed like any other Christmas tree lot. After spending a few minutes on this lot, it was obvious that they operate in another retail dimension. Not only did they have Christmas trees, but they also sell locally crafted Christmas ornaments. Walking around the lot, we were routinely checked on by various employees offering us free hot chocolate, wassail, and fudge. We soon found out that if we bring our tree mounting stand with us, the Country Gardens staff will mount the tree on our stand and ensure that it is not leaning! Genius!! Additionally, before wrapping the tree up and tying it to the truck for me, they trimmed the tree and made a wreath out of the trimmings! Talk about service! Although I usually pay about $25.00 more at Country Gardens for a comparable tree, the experience is more than worth the money. I happily go back every year, and I gladly tell as many people as I can about Country Gardens.

In addition to the Christmas tree lot, I have found another retail experience that overpowers my joy of seeing a newly delivered package from Amazon on my doorstep. My kids, Kaleb and Kaitlyn, are 2 unique individuals that share a love for comic books, and their favorite place to find comics used to be Amazon. Last year, Amazon was knocked from its perch in favor of a local comic book retailer, 20 miles from our house, which charges almost 3 times what we COULD pay for comic books on the internet. Jupiter Comics’s profitability is seemingly a mystery in modern-day retailing. Within the first few minutes of our visit, it was obvious how they were successful. Like most comic book stores, Jupiter has racks and racks loaded with comic books. It also has old school style video game machines like the ones you used to play in arcades. At Jupiter Comics though, the arcade style games are free AND you are encouraged to flip through to read the comic books. They also have “watch parties” for all the popular TV shows and movies. And though Kaleb isn’t quite old enough yet, my son is eagerly counting down the days until he can go to Jupiter Comics and watch his favorite super hero shows with other like-minded friends. Jupiter Comics has a café with tables, which are usually in use by a group of kids (and adults too) playing board games, card games, or even just reading comic books. There are creative decorations displayed throughout their retail showroom, and the neat thing is, all of the decorations are for sale. The staff not only know my kids, but they also know what their favorite comics are. Jupiter Comics also has a program, where they will hold your favorite comics in a secure spot, and notify you each time a new edition comes out. At the end of the day, I drive 20 minutes out of my way to spend more money on a product that I can easily purchase online for a fraction of the cost. The point here is that the experience I receive from doing business with both Country Gardens and Jupiter Comics exceeds the lower price incentive from the internet.

Memphis Pool's Commitment To You

In an effort to keep pace with current retail practices, we at Memphis Pool are doubling down on our effort to provide a superior experience for you. We have recently updated the look inside our stores, and will soon be launching new products in categories we haven’t carried……ever! We are constantly looking for new products and feedback to make your experience more enjoyable. We strive to please you and want to make shopping with us so pleasant, that you wouldn’t ever consider getting your swimming pool supplies anywhere else. If you haven’t been in our stores for a while, please stop on in and give us another try. And while you are in one of our retail stores, don’t forget to fill out an entry form to win a K2 Cooler! We will be giving away 1 cooler a month for the entire year. No purchases are necessary to enter the drawing, but why not shop local and save money while doing so?

Marquis Spa Sale!

Our Maquis Spas sale is going on now thru the end of February with savings up to $2,000! Come in and let us show you the Ultimate Hot Tub experience at Memphis Pool.

Visit our Marquis hot tub showroom at:
7605 Poplar Ave. (At Germantown Road)
Germantown, TN 38138
Ph. 901-755-7946

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